Rewarding careers with your City and State governments are available to you. As the economy continues the rise, job opportunities rise along with it. Entry-level, mid-level, high-level, full-time and part-time careers with great pay and benefits are at your fingertips.  Written and oral exams are required in most local government positions, along with drug screens and background checks and a stand-out resume. Take advantage and apply today with your local government.

Local Government Jobs

Law Enforcement

Civil Service Lawyer
Criminal Investigator
Police Officer
Police Chief
Border Patrol Officer
Correctional Officer
Special Agent
Federal Protective Officer
Fingerprint Technician
Detention Officer

Administrative/ Clerical

Human Resources
Administrative Assistant
Information Technology
Service Center
File Clerk
Switchboard Operator
Data Transcriber
Computer Clerk & Assistant


Public Works
Parks & Recreation
Water Commission
Building Commissioner
Sewerage Authority
Fire Chief
Executive Administration
Town Inspector
Economic Development
Department of Education
Section 8
Town Planner

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